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#comiccon2014 #onceupontimeseason 4 here we come San Diego! @lanaparrilla & @colinodonoghue1 (x)

#comiccon2014 #onceupontimeseason 4 here we come San Diego! @lanaparrilla & @colinodonoghue1 (x)

We had Snowing appreciation week here on Tumblr. Should we have a Gosh one too?

Fic: That Simple

That Simple
by misscam

Summary: Regina needs to believe love can actually be enough to get through anything, and Snow and Charming might help with that. [Regina & Snow friendship, slight Snow/Charming and references to Robin/Regina]

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Not my characters, just my words.

Author’s Note: Written to the prompt: Snow giving love advice to Regina. Set after 3x22, but makes no references to the Frozen arc.

A03 / ff.net


The door bell makes Regina almost jump out of her skin. Oh, she has everything ready, but she still feels strangely nervous.

She’s having the Charmings for dinner.

The Charmings.

Regina isn’t sure exactly when she started finding comfort in Snow and Charming’s relationship, as unthinkable as that would have been years ago. Maybe she just gradually got so used to seeing it that it’s comforting being so constant. Maybe it was the return of the memories from their year in the Enchanted Forest and all she saw of it there. Maybe it’s knowing how close Snow came to lose Charming. Maybe it’s her own mess of a heart. Maybe it’s all of those and more.

But somewhere along the line what used to make her angry and want to claw Snow’s heart out is now a comfort. Oh, she still rolls her eyes at them and make pointed comments, as she is still Regina, but sometimes that feels more like a cover than anything else.

A bad cover, given that she actually invited them to dinner –
the Charmings -, and they actually accepted, and here they are.

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'Once Upon A Time' Season 3 DVD Features


Wicked Villains: 11 Minutes 34 Seconds
The Tale of Ariel: 7 Minutes 13 Seconds
Inside the Writer’s Room: 2 Minutes 57 Seconds
The Fairiest Bloopers of Them All: 1 Minute 43 seconds
Comic Con Meets Ariel: 1 Minute 18 Seconds.

Deleted Scenes:
Mr Van Winkle: 1 Minute 08 Seconds
A Helping Hook: 1 Minute 09 seconds
Father of the Bride: 1 Minute 27 seconds
A Helping Hook 2: 50 Seconds
Baby Gift: 3 Minutes 41 seconds
Force Fed: 37 seconds
Connected: 58 Seconds.
Princes Leia: 50 seconds.
Liar: 40 seconds.

Audio Commentary:
Season 3 Episode 2: Lost Girl
Commentary with Andrew Chambliss and Kalinda Vasquez (Writers)

Season 3 Episode 8: Think Lovely Thoughts.
Commentary with David Goodman, Robert Hull (Writers) and Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin, Mr Gold)

Season 3 Episode 17: The Jolly Roger:
Commentary with David Goodman and Colin O’Donoghue (Hook, Killian Jones).

Source: Film Ratings

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And a place in my heart will always be hers
From the first breath she breathed
When she first smiled at me
I knew the love of a father runs deep