Storybrooke has frozen over.
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Storybrooke has frozen over.

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once upon a time meme: [1/3] relationships | snow and charming
"I will always find you."

OUAT MEME #3 | five otps  → Snow x Charming (5/5)

"We're going to do this the way we do everything... together."

Q: I need a pep talk because I am not very hopeful about Snow and Charming's storyline this season. All the spoilers and hype have been about Frozen and Captain Swan, and to a lesser degree Rumbelle and Outlaw Queen. If the rumors are true, then the writers are even going to mess with the equality that is so beautiful by having Snow assume a position of power and responsibility while Charming is even replaced in his job by Hook leaving him as just a stay home dad. After the unequal way (cont)

— Anonymous

(Cont) the writers treated them in the finale with Snow still getting to do great stuff and save Charming’s life while his big rescue scene of her was erased, I just do not trust the writers anymore to not make Snow come across as the superior spouse with him as just a lesser extension of her character (like Belle with Rumple). And I do not want to see them tamper with that beautiful equality in their marriage that is rare on TV.

Oh anon, I do get your concerns, but basically we only get a few spoilers and very limited filming info, so we really can’t draw conclusions based on that. We have no idea what they’ve filmed in studio and only have filming info from a few locations. So there is so much of the episodes we’ve had no insight into at all. Really, rumors have frequently been wrong in the past, massively so sometimes. At this point, that Hook will be a deputy is just speculation based on one BTS pic, and there is no indication Charming won’t be involved in stuff. Honestly, he’s not the kind to stay away from helping out and solving issues. That’s just part of who he is is. Even if Snow gets some sort of formal position, she and Charming have been unofficial leaders in SB  for ages so I don’t think his position will be lessened in any way. Plus if Snow gets a leadership role, she could very well bring the baby to work so not like she would need Charming to stay home all the time. (I am pretty sure they will both be pretty dedicated parents, though.)

I love the equality part of their relationship too, but I am not that pessimistic about it being messed with. I think the rewrite of Charming’s rescue bit was mainly to do with not being able to reshoot something like that easily with Ginny so pregnant, and Josh & Ginny always talk about loving the equality in Snow and Charming’s relationship so I am pretty sure they would work hard to ensure that remained. So I am not really all that worried about that part. That we might get a bit too much focus on Frozen and not enough on the main cast, that I do worry a bit about, but promotion doesn’t always reflect the show all that well.

Let’s wait and see how it goes? It really is way, way too soon to tell. There’s also the next half of the season, which we know very little about at present.

OUAT spoilers: Snow and Charming edition

TVF: Charming and Snow have a new baby so what’s their piece of the pie?

EK: We’re really excited that episode two is going to show a Charming flashback, when he was a shepherd who meets Snow White. And the baby is also going to impact their lives in different ways. Of course, they were not around to raise Emma, so they’re really like first-time parents but at the same time, this child is getting the thing that Emma never did. And I think we’re going to see Mary Margaret, Snow White, dealing with some of those issues as well as she’s going to find herself with new responsibilities in town.

How are Snow and Charming adapting to being parents to a newborn?

Horowitz: That’s also something we’re interested in exploring and showing. Being parents is a challenge and we want to, in a real way, show that. But it’s for them this strange thing of they’ve been parents before but they’ve never been parents at this stage. The last time they had a baby they put her in a wardrobe, and I think that’s going to affect everything, from how they parent baby Neal to how Emma reacts to their parenting and how they interact with Emma. It’s hopefully an interesting, new dynamic for all of them.